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Black Ants are native to the United States and live in colonies throughout the whole country. A small amount of food can quickly lead to a large ant trail which can turn into an infestation. Due to California's moderate temperatures swarms of black ants can happen any time throughout the year with the highest amount of infestation during the summer months. At Reliant we have many effective methods of keeping your home free of black ants.

Bed Bugs

Getting bitten by bugs while you are sleeping can be a real life nightmare. Bed bugs can be easy transported on to any fabric in your home, and they have a knack for finding their way on to your bed. Bed bugs are a sneaky insect that can hide in small opening and cracks making them hard to spot and even harder to get rid of. Luckily the pros at reliant specialize in getting bed bugs out of your home for good.


Cockroaches aren't just gross to have in your home or office, they are a danger because many of them carry diseases! Cockroaches are attracted to most all organic matter, they are present all year round and are found in high volume in California. Some people try to fix their cockroach problems themselves without realizing that over the counter products will not get rid of their eggs or nest. Luckily at Reliant we have the equipment and training to end any cockroach problem you may be having with our reliable services.


Rodent infestations can cause major damage! Rodent populations grow quickly, leaving little time to waste when deciding what's next? Rodent control is best begun prior to infestations. In order to protect your home, garden and health from existing rodent infestations, professional, customized extermination methods are often necessary. Preventive measures are one of the best ways to combat infestation, Rodent proof your home today with Reliant Pest Control.


Spiders are some of the most feared pests to enter the home, with a range of species in California, it's never been so important to prevent a bite with professional pest control. An effective approach to spider control is to use the knowledge that they are predators, they primarily consume other insects. With that knowledge Reliant Pest Control provides a compreshensive service, providing thorough pest eliminations while stopping spider infestations.

Other Pests

Reliant Pest Control services all types of Pest infestations, with our professional experience we can assist any problem with a free estimate and reliable service. Not just limited to Ants, Bed Bugs, Roaches, Rodents, Spiders and Termites, we can provide help for all types of pests!